Fierce & Noble and Legs4Africa are proud to announce ‘Kegs4Africa’.


Fierce and Noble are excited to be partnering up with local disability charity Legs4Africa.  Legs4Africa are a Bristol-based charity and as an Independent Bristol Brewery we jumped at the opportunity to work alongside such a great local charity that is really enabling a better life for so many amputees across Africa and also at the same time having a positive environmental impact through vastly reversing the completely unnecessary trend of second-hand prosthetic legs going into landfill.


Our partnership has resulted in us launching ‘Kegs4Africa’, a range of beers where 10% of Keg and Can sales will be donated to Legs4Africa.  The proceeds from sales will allow Legs4Africa to continue their vital work in recycling prosthetic legs and the parts associated with them and sending them to partnering hospitals in Africa where trained technicians will adapt and fit them to amputees.  Furthermore, we want to promote Legs4Africa with an aim to increase the awareness of their fantastic work and the enhanced quality of life they are bringing to so many amputees across Africa.


In the UK and other European countries, prosthetics cannot be re-used or recycled. So, every year thousands of these expensive and life-changing pieces of equipment end up in landfill.  By encouraging individuals, hospitals and other establishments to donate prosthetics to us rather than throw them in a pit we enable them to have another lease of life in Africa by giving an amputee the ultimate leg-up.


Since we started in 2013 we have shipped enough components to build or repair over 7,000 legs for amputees living in Africa.  Our flagship project is in the Gambia, but we are now regularly shipping legs to several other mobility centers across 10 countries in Africa.


By 2020, we aim to be working with more European, Australian and Canadian hospitals, more Men’s Shed groups, and we aim to have set up another amputee support group in Ghana that mirrors the success of our programme in The Gambia.


For more information please visit our website:  www.legs4africa.org.

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