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Our independence defines us. Committed to brewing modern, seasonal beer, our fierce intuition makes us unemployable anywhere else. Though we’ve never wanted to be traditional, we still respect the nobility of craft. In fact, tradition is part of our adventure, helping us explore what great brewing means today. We look to discover the extraordinary, to make beer that stimulates our creativity and makes us smile. You’re welcome to join us on the journey, but our path is our own.


Session IPA Can


Crisp with a hint of biscuit pale ale, blueberries, papaya, blossom & bubble gum. That’s right, bubblegum.

Have some faith will you.

Alc 4.2% Vol

Black IPA Can


Caramel malt with big tropical, grapefruit and floral aromas. Smooth to the tongue, before it punches you in the roof of the mouth. A contrary beer.

 Black IPA 

Dark and creamy with a soft blackberry & citrus aroma, this black India pale ale is a contradictory beer, exploding with new world hops but delivering a silky smooth finish.

Alc 5% Vol

Alc 6% Vol

Double IPA Can


Intense warming tropical lemon & grapefruit flavours on a clean, crisp caramel bed. It’s an easy drinking beer that keeps its muscles under wraps. But flexes them whenever it catches your eye.

Alc 6.5% Vol


A dark and fruity stout, infused with nitrogen to produce an exceptional smooth and creamy mouthfeel 

Alc 4.8% Vol

 Black Nitro 


  Tasting, Brewery Tours & Hire 


 Open Fri & Sat 2 - 10pm

The Tap Room is a space that reflects the heritage and history of the craft beer industry - which steers our whole operation and everything we create.

The Tap Room is a place you can try out our latest brews, throw a private event and begin your tour around our home.


25 Mina Road

St Werburghs

Bristol BS2 9TA

0117 955 6666