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A Proper Introduction

We should probably introduce ourselves. We are Ollie and Fabio. Ollie has been here from the very beginning and is the guy responsible for the beers we are becoming known for! I (Fabio) on the other hand am the new kid, running the Taproom and generally helping everything out where I can. We are a small dedicated team, if you've had something to do with the brewery chances are you met one of us!

We get asked a lot about where we have come from. Many people knew the brewery was open, but hadn't heard anything or seen any of our beers on shelves and tap lists. This was due to us wanting our small core range of beers to be at their best and that takes time and experience. So we produced small batches that have been sold through the Grounded Cafe chain almost exclusively for the last year or so. This gave us the opportunity to perfect these recipes and learn them inside and out. We have confidence in our small but powerful range of beers. We know they taste great and will consistently taste great!

Our goals aren't focussed on DDH juice bombs. There's nothing wrong with that, its just not what we are about. We like easy drinkability and a nice smack of bitterness for good measure. This is why we are releasing a new beer that will replace our Double IPA. Welcome the West Coast IPA! The IPA style that got this whole craft beer thing going, a style of beer everyone seems to have left by the wayside in recent years. Well when me and Ollie first sat down to talk about a new beer for our range we both realised that an easy drinking West Coast is exactly what we both wanted and we cant wait to share it with you!

This has been a crazy first year for sure! We have had amazing feedback from customers and the massive surprise of winning a 3rd place in the Bristol Local Beer CAMRA festival. We have slowly but surely been popping up all over, going into a King street bar and seeing your beer on tap is a great feeling! The Taproom has been getting busier and busier to the point were we have extended our opening times, we now open 2 until 10 Fridays and Saturdays so theres more time to come down and grab a beer! We also have a few plans in the pipeline for our little Taproom which we will announce soon!

We will endeavour to update this blog at least semi regularly with news and general musings. Things are getting busier and busier here at Fierce and Noble so hold tight. We may not be the coolest or the trendiest, but we make some damn fine beer!

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