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The Pros and Cons of a Heatwave

I thought it best to write a little blog post to keep everyone in the loop with whats been happening at the brewery!

After a mad carnival weekend St Werburgs seems incredibly quiet and peaceful, it was almost as if nothing happened! Having Downbeat Melody Sound System in the yard was a dream, combined with the perfect weather I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect day! Keep an eye out for some pictures of their beautiful sound system soon!

Firstly with some bad news. Sadly due to the incredible heat we are experiencing right now we haven't been able to can any beer as we had planned. We are planning to get that canning done as soon as possible and if all goes to plan fresh cans will be available in no time at all! We know its hard not being able to get a couple of cans of Session for sitting in the garden, know that we are trying everything we can to get those fresh tinnies back in stock!

Now for some good news! Some of you may have already heard, been told about or tasted our new beer. Fruit Salad Saison has been going down a storm and we thought it would be a shame not to get it in cans as well. Look out for those cans in fridges soon and kegs in the best beer bars of Bristol!

A bit of sneaky beer release will be happening this weekend with our American Stout pouring at the Taproom, fans of our Black Nitro will be happy to see it back on tap. Some people would say its madness to release stouts in the middle of summer and thats because those people haven't tried these stouts! As always we have aimed for making refreshingly drinkable beer and thats what we have achieved!

We will see you down the Tap this weekend for a refreshing pint of stout in the yard!

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