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The Season for Saison

What a time to be a brewery! Things have been getting busier and busier here at Fierce & Noble. From being invited to The Bristol Craft Beer Festival to brewing our first special batch beer its been a crazy couple of months!

The main thing I want to talk about is the new beer, I'll save my excitement for BCBF for another post. We have many ideas for special beers and this one is a beer I've personally wanted us to brew for some time. The Saison is a style that can mean a lot of things and for me its something different, providing a taste profile you wont find elsewhere and can vary from brewery to brewery. For me a little funk in my beer can make my night and our Saison has been brewed to provide just that. A simple high percentage wheat mash gives it the smoothness and body of a wheat beer, combined with a touch of American hops, Orange peal and Saison yeast. At 5.5% this is a summer beer through and through and we cant wait for you all to try it!

We are very proud to be releasing it at the fantastic Small Bar this Wednesday the 27th, which feels like a milestone for us. Small Bar pours some of the worlds best beers and has provided a hub for craft beer in Bristol for years. Nothing will beat walking into one of your favourite bars to see the beer you put all your effort and time into being poured for customers!

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